April 16, 2017

Study Protocol for the Evaluation of a Vocational Rehabilitation

By Philip Fowler, Xavier de Luna, Per Johansson, Petra Ornstein, Sofia Bill and Peje Bengtsson

Study Protocol for the Evaluation of a Vocational Rehabilitation, Philip Fowler et al Reviews of Study Protocol, Fowler et al Response to the Referees' Report

This paper presents a study protocol for the evaluation of a vocational rehabilitation, namely a collaboration between the Swedish Social Insurance Agency and the Public Employment Service, where individuals needing support to regain work ability were called to a joint assessment meeting. This protocol describes a matching study design using a lasso algorithm, where we do not have access to outcome data on work ability for the treated. The matching design is based on a collection of health and socio-economic covariates measured at baseline. We also have access to a prognosis made by caseworkers on the expected length of the individual sick leave. This prognosis variable is, we argue, a proxy variable for potential unmeasured confounders. We present results showing balance achieved on observed covariates.

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