July 12, 2015

Simultaneous Sensitivity Analysis in Stata: arsimsens and pairsimsens

By Daniel Lempert

ssa_stata_final ssa_software_files

A simultaneous sensitivity analysis assesses how sensitive an inference of a non-zero treatment effect is to an unobserved confounder with a specified relationship to the treatment and response. Gastwirth et al. (1998) develops a method of simultaneous sensitivity analysis that can be used after 1:1 matching; Small et al. (2009) modifies the method so that it can be applied after 1:k and full matching. This paper describes the commands pairsimsens and arsimsens, which implement, respectively, the analyses of Gastwirth et al. (1998) and Small et al. (2009) in Stata. The .ado and .hlp files for the software presented in the paper are provided in a .zip file in the supplementary materials.

Software Descriptions