October 13, 2015

Reprint of “Observational Studies” and Comments

By William Cochran
Comments by Norman Breslow
Thomas Cook
David Cox & Nanny Wermuth
Stephen Fienberg
Joseph Gastwirth & Barry Graubard
Andrew Gelman
Ben Hansen & Adam Sales
Miguel Hernan
Jennifer Hill
Judea Pearl
Paul Rosenbaum
Donald Rubin
Herbert Smith
Mark van der Laan
Tyler VanderWeele
Stephen West


William Cochran’s paper “Observational Studies” is reprinted followed by comments by current researchers in observational studies: Norman Breslow; Thomas Cook; David Cox & Nanny Wermuth; Stephen Fienberg; Joseph Gastwirth & Barry Graubard; Andrew Gelman; Ben Hansen & Adam Sales; Miguel Hernan; Jennifer Hill; Judea Pearl; Paul Rosenbaum; Donald Rubin; Herbert Smith; Mark van der Laan; Tyler VanderWeele; and Stephen West.

Reprints and Comments by Current Researchers

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